Carol Brooks

Director & Co-Founder of Population Centric Ltd

Carol is an organisation and workforce development specialist. She is passionate about improvement and transformation. As a business psychologist and entrepreneur, she has worked for over 20 years across a wide range of corporate settings and sectors. You can contact Carol on

Lars Isaksen

Director & Co-Founder of Population Centric Ltd

Lars is a change management and leadership development specialist. He is passionate about transformation and leadership effectiveness in complex environments. Lars has worked as a coach and facilitator for over 10 years and has a background in corporate management. You can contact Lars on

We are both relentless about driving value from the best fit between your customers, your workforce and the products and services you offer. Our experience is that far too many organisations don’t get the most out of their workforce planning – it is not sufficiently strategic and it does not take a transformational perspective. 

We want to change this. 

We do this by delivering high-quality training and consultancy based on our Population Centric Workforce Planning Model. The Population Centric approach is both strategic and transformational, but it also based on sound change management principles. 

The story of the Population Centric Workforce Planning model begins in the late 1990s, when Carol had the privilege of supporting organisations in their quest for planning a workforce “fit for future” across different agencies. Achieving this “future fit” workforce is one of the hardest challenges in a fast changing and complex world.  What emerged was the Population Centric approach which over the past 15 years has seen organisations in the UK gain tangible benefits from using the Population Centric Workforce Planning model.

The Population Centric Workforce Planning Model resulted from;

PURPOSE – to develop a planning process and model which was easy and logical to use, but places customers at the centre 

PASSION – to engage and enthuse people to plan activities for the best-fit future workforce.

We knew from experience that traditional ways of workforce planning tended to disengage Human Resource Planners from the frontline, and managers from the planning process. This was and is still the case across all sectors, private, public, small and medium enterprises, large corporate organisations