One Day Course
Population Centric Workforce Planning

All round course - giving you all you need to use the model !

Attending our one-day course will provide you with all the insights you need to be able to produce a future-focused workforce plan. You will learn how to facilitate the workforce planning process using the 6 Step model and apply tried and tested business tools. You will be given the Population Centric Handbook, including useful slides and handouts. You will also receive a CPD approved Certificate of Attainment. You will also have access to further online resources as well as a follow-up webinar.

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Two Day Immersive Experience
(One day course is a pre-requisite)

Going deep and tackling your challenges

Once you have attended our one-day programme you are eligible to take things to another level altogether. Our two-day immersive experience give you the space and time to address your individual challanges and live project issues. You will develop the breadth and depth of your change management and facilitation skills. As part of the immersion experience using actors to bring to life your population proxies and use other creative approaches. This is an intense experiential two day course.

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